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Warm Excited Dynamic


A Community with big city ambition, small village feel. Jews of EV is your Jewish Oasis in the heart of NYC. 

We are a warm, loving and caring community, composed of professionals, artists and humans of the world.  All get to express their Jewishness and spirituality to its fullest at JoEV. Our programming offers relevant and meaningful experiences to adults and children alike. We invite you to join us to grow and share the warmth and light that judaism has to offer.

Hebrew School
& J-kids

 At JoEV we create and curate the best of Jewish curriculums to give your child the ultimate Jewish experience

Tefillin + Mezuzah + Shabbat Candles

Mitzvah is the ultimate connection point with our creator

Shabbat & Holiday Celebration

Meaningful services beautiful dinners and wonderful get togethers celebrated together with family and friends!


Enriching monthly get togethers for women by women led by our Dear Rebbetzin Tani 

Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Our 5 star curriculum will have you son and daughter shinning brightly on their big day!


Discover the journey and infinite wisdom of our holy Torah.

Partnership Program
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Torah Society

Welcome to Torah Society, where hundreds of people are exploring Judasim in their homes and offices together or with Rabbi Meir!

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Hebrew At Home

Anytime, anywhere!

Our program is designed to give your child the Jewish experience in the comfort of your own home.

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Meet the Rabbi

Come join us, 10am, for an inspiring coffee with a flavour of Torah at Plant Shed on 2nd Ave!


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Warm Regards,

Rabbi Meir


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